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Remember when you used to do the #FF on Twitter just a few years back? It stood forbulls-1 Follow Friday or Friend Friday (according to who you asked) and as far as I can tell, no one really does that any longer and whilst I’ll admit I was slack on that on Twitter, I will also say that Twitter isn’t my main social media platform and I just didn’t do it. But, I think it was a good idea and I’d like to pick that back up, except do it here on this blog.

I have a slew of friends that are interesting folks. They may have businesses, they may be musicians, they may just be eclectic as heck, whatever! I just think they need to be highlighted more because they bring awesomeness to the world and we’re lucky to have them here in WSNC.

One of the best waterin holes” in WSNC is Bull’s Tavern. Danielle is a bad-arsed woman and she owns the only female-founded bar in downtown. Bull’s Tavern slings some fantastic bevies and have great drink specials and live music several times a week, usually Thursday through Saturday and the occasional Sunday.

The atmosphere in Bull’s Tavern is welcoming and comfortable. You get over 20 taps for brews and many of them are local- or NC-based. Mondays are half-price whiskey with Court, Tuesdays are half-off Tequila and Wednesdays are karaoke and $5 Titos. This weekend’s entertainment features a Very Hairy Christmas with Fruit Smoothie Trio tonight, Brothers Pearl tomorrow and Sunday is a very special Service Industry Christmas with ThreeFour Mountain. It’s all going to be fun and your drinks are guaranteed to be delicious. They’re located at 408 W Fourth Street and you should get on down there.

Full disclosure, Bull’s Tavern is the “Official Beer Sponsor” of The Less Desirables so I may get compensation from them, however, this is an honest and heartfelt (and was not asked to make it) recommendation.


Dana Moody of West End Coffeehouse with one of her pies! (©W-SJournal)

My “Unsolicited Recommendation” is West End Coffeehouse, which is owned by my friends, Jim and Dana (pronounced Dan-ah) Moody. They started by buying out Cafe Prada and they took over the coffee shop and gelato operation and contrary to the stories of the previous owners, Jim and Dana made the shop a place people wanted to be.

Now, they still do gelato, espresso and coffee, but the (somewhat) new thing for Dana – and she kicks butt at it – is making pies. She calls herself the Feisty Pie Lady! She bakes a lot of pie goodness and the flavors aren’t ordinary. And, it’s not all big, full-sized pies. They have mini pies, they have muffins, they have brownies. They have delicious treats, to eat in or take home!

Unfortunately, I didn’t write this in time for you to get a Christmas pie order, but New Year’s coming and people like sweets for those parties, right? Right. No reason not to go to West End Coffeehouse. They’re located at 390 N Broad St (which is right up the street from Bull’s Tavern).

I hope you’ll visit my friends soon, not just Fridays, and help local businesses and local business owners and hey, you can get good beverages and delicious pies! Thanks for reading about my friends.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“West End Coffeehouse offers a relaxed, cozy environment with a little something for everyone!” – West End Coffeehouse