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First, we recorded and published two podcasts today. The Man Who Ate the Town and The Beer Dads were both published. I’d appreciate it if you’d check them out.


Bye-bye PlayStation Vue/

Okay, so here’s my rant. About six/seven months ago, we “cut the cord” from DirecTV as their pricing was escalating out of hand and availability of NFL Network was non-existent. It was getting crazy. Initially, we went the DirecTVNow route, which became AT&T Now. They didn’t have NFL Sunday Ticket, even though DirecTV did. I couldn’t figure that out. Why?

Then, out of nowhere, AT&T Now dropped the NFL Network. Well, it was time to change. We went the Fubo route, then. They had NFL Network and at least did have NFL RedZone so we could watch that. But, I didn’t realize that they didn’t have any Disney-owned channels. Obviously, if I’m hunting down NFL Network and NFL RedZone, then I want to watch football. The end of every week in the NFL season is Monday Night Football. What channel is MNF on? ESPN. Who owns ESPN? Disney.

So, before the trial week was up, I switched PlayStation Vue. It had everything I wanted, except NFL Sunday Ticket which is, unfortunately, only available to DirecTV subscribers because of the exclusive contract with them. “NFL Sunday Ticket is available via DirecTVNow, they said, so I canceled it.” It wasn’t. It is only available outside of DirecTV if I can prove that I can’t get DirecTV. Well, I had it. I can’t very well prove that huh?

I digress.

So, as I was saying, PSVue had everything I wanted minus NFL ST and the DVR is a bit wacky at times. All is well. All is good. All is… well, crap. PlayStation Vue is ceasing operations on January 30, 2020, because it wants to concentrate on its gaming. I get that but don’t leave us all in the dark. This is totally throwing me off. I have been scrambling tonight looking for other services that can give me comparable service/channel selection.

There is none.

Some have a very select channel selection. Some have many channels but not the ones I want. Some have all I want but aren’t available now. None match the selection of PlayStation Vue. This is killing me. Do I go back to DirecTV with a much-reduced plan? Do I just do without the things that I want and do one of the ones that do without NFLX and just keep the CNN, USA, TNT, ESPN and networks? I can find the games and RedZone via the internet but I like to have my computer with me and I lose that when I do.

I don’t know. I have Disney+ which includes ESPN+, so maybe I go back to Fubo? I don’t know. I didn’t like that service and the DVR was also a maximum of 20hrs. I’m just at a loss, here. I’m about done. What do you do, Dear Reader?

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Today we are announcing that we will shut down the PlayStation Vue service on January 30, 2020. Unfortunately, the highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than we expected. Because of this, we have decided to remain focused on our core gaming business.” – PlayStation