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This year, on December 7, to be exact,  the Winston-Salem Jaycees will be having their 29th Annual Downtown Holiday Parade. I’ve been in the parade, it was a good bit of fun. I rode in a convertible and nearly froze my tuchis off. That’s okay, though, the fun outweighed the chill. JayceeLOGO-fb

It goes throughout the main arteries in downtown WSNC and people flock to the streets! You can be part of the parade, too. The Jaycees are looking for entrants into the parade and want the city to know that it is rapidly approaching and the deadline for it is even closer, still. In fact, the deadline for entries is 1159p on Monday, November 18, 2019. This way they can start making the line-up and order for the parade.

Whether you’re walking, building a float, flying in your jetpack (okay, I made that part up), an important figure, a beauty queen, an animal group, or pretty much anything family-friendly, you can be in this parade. Go to wsparade.org/registration and do your registration thing. Yes, there is a cost but I’m telling you, there will be a shload of people there. It’s good exposure for you and it helps the Jaycees, who are a fantastic group of young folk.

And, hang around a little bit for the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, too!

Remember, December 7, 2019. It starts at 5p and will be superdynawhoppin’!

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“Twas time for the holiday parade, and all through the city, shiny new floats were ready, shimmering and pretty. The Winston-Salem Jaycees have planned the event with great care, in hopes that every one of you will choose to be there.”WS Jaycees