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Today I got to spin some records whilst my house was being redone. Last night I received an email from the painter, Chris and he said he was listening to Thelonius Monk and said that he’d like to hear some Miles Davis on vinyl. I told him that I had him covered. So, when they got here this morning, I played Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew from Miles Davis.



And, I played Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends ~ Ladies and Gentlemen a live album from Emerson, Lake & Palmer from around 1974. It was a great listen. That was for the benefit of the HVAC folks who were taking the air handler out of the closet it was in.

Then, a random grab led me to Hunky Dory from Bowie. Then, because Chris’ worker asked me to play some funk, I threw some Maggot Brain from Funkadelic in for good measure. It was a good record listening day for me, I had fun and my house started to come back together. Yay me and The BCPF!

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!

Until then, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I once had a life, or rather, life had me. I was one among many or at least I seemed to be. Well, I read an old quotation in a book just yesterday. Said ‘Gonna reap just what you sow the debts you make you have to pay.’ Can you get to that?” – “Can You Get to That?” (Clinton/Harris)