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I’m about resolved to the fact that I have been and will continue to write a lot about music and post videos. I am a fan of music, I love talking and writing about music, and I eat, breathe and sleep music. Podcasting may be my profession but at one time I wanted to be a musician.

Well, I am a musician, yes. I mean I wanted that to be what I did. I was in a moderately successful local band, we released two albums, we had a following, it was cool. But, now, as a writer of a “daily blog,” a producer of podcasts (both my own and others’) and someone who hasn’t much time to do his own music, well, the “history” aspect is an outlet for me. That’s what this blog has always been, too; an outlet.

With that, I’m going to stop apologizing for posting so many videos. And, with that, today is the 40th anniversary of one Stevie Wonder’s most misunderstood albums, Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through “The Secret Life of Plants.” Many didn’t know or understand that it was the soundtrack and in some spots the score, to a film called, well, “The Secret Life of Plants.” It was the follow-up to Songs in the Key of Life (#57 on the RS list), so everyone had high expectations. According to Stevie, the album “was an experimental project with me scoring and doing other things I like: challenging myself with all the things that entered my mind from the Venus’s Flytrap to Earth’s creation to coming back as a flower.” “Maniac” Michael Sambello played guitar on the album as he did with a lot of Stevie’s stuff in the 70s/80s.

This was the first of the three singles released for the album, done by a wonderful singer with a bass player who has way more talent than I ever had on bass. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“I’ve heard so many say that the days of romance are no more and people falling in love is so old fashioned. But waiting are they the day they once let slip away, hiding need to fulfill their heart’s desire for love’s passion.” – “Send One Your Love” (Wonder)