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Yesterday I had a meeting in downtown WSNC and on my way, I observed a busker on the street and she sounded really good. Buskers in this town, which is, by the way, the supposed “City of Arts and Innovation,” have gotten a bad rap. We want to push art but only the art we want, not all art. I think we need to push all art. Let the buskers get their “permits” and let them do their thing. It’s honest work.

In this video, I don’t think the busker ever knew that it was Will.I.Am that was watching and singing with him. The look on his face was like: “okay, dude, thanks…” Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Fill up my cup (Drank), mazel tov (l’chaim).” – “I Gotta Feeling” (Adams//Ferguson/Gomez/Guetta/Lindo/Riesterer)