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Yesterday was the start of the $1 sale at Underdog Records. Jonathan and De put out around 3,000 records Friday night after work. Jonathan estimates around 1600 of those went out yesterday during the sale. Some people walked out with over 200 records yesterday. The place was a madhouse and I loved seeing it like that. Here’s our modest haul, by comparison:


©Warner Bros.

  • Lou Reed – The Blue Mask — This was not $1. It was found as we waited in line to purchase what we had already gotten. It was Reed’s 11th studio album. This was okay. It’s not my area of expertise for him. To me, nothing beats Transformer and Berlin from Lou. VG+.
  • The Police – Synchronicity — I know what you’re thinking, dude, you already have this album. You would be correct. There’s a special thing about this album. On vinyl, in 1983, there were around 93 different variants of the cover of this album. Some were blue, red, yellow (BRY), others were (RYB) and then others, still were (YBR), on top of that, in each color scheme, different pictures showed the band members in various orders and in various pictures. No, I’m not looking to have 93 different variants of this album. I am however looking for 30 different variants. I have three right now. I thought I had a fourth but it was a duplicate. Boo hiss. This is BRY and is Sting/Stewart/Andy with the textsheet to the left. VG+.

The rest of these are $1 records and are assumed to be graded VG unless otherwise noted:

This week, (Tuesday-Friday) the records will be left out for the same deal that went on yesterday, purchase 15 and get 15% off; purchase 33 and get 33% off; purchase 50 and get 50% off. Next Saturday, all remaining $1 record will be $.25 each or 5-for-$1, but they will close two hours early on that Saturday (at 5p). Because of this, there will be no TLD/UR special of the week. This is a great way to kickstart a record collection. Discogs has been a big help to me on this long list.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“I ain’t no Christian or no born again saint. I ain’t no cowboy or Marxist D.A. I ain’t no criminal or Reverend Cripple from the right. I am just your average guy, trying to do what’s right.” – “Average Guy” (Reed)