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I’m going to be transparent, here. I know I update this blog every day. But, somehow I forgot to do that on Friday and then again yesterday. And, Friday was one of those “anniversary posts” that I am always on top of. I totally bombed that one. SO, I’m going to do it, date it for Friday but this is really Sunday and I apologize for that. Also, this is a “reprint” of last year’s post.

September 27 is the last anniversary of the year that The BCPF and I “officially” recognize. We celebrate our first date on July 21. We celebrate our engagement on July 31. We celebrate the big one, the wedding anniversary on September 2. And, we celebrate the anniversary of the big shindig in which our friends and family actually got together to celebrate our marriage, the “reception.”1496655_10153193510478626_3051996828488742125_n

It was a great weather day. My bro-in-law and sister did a chicken stew for us. Mes ‘Rents provided the location. Golden Corral provided some rolls. Doug Davis, Lee & Susan Terry, Ken Mohan and Dan DesNoyers along with Patrick Ferguson played music for us. Doug (yes, that Doug Davis) joined me to perform the song I wrote for my new bride before we started dating.

Ma Mère strongly encouraged The BCPF to wear her dress. I wore my kilt. It was the last time that the original “DFK” was together, as well. To know what that means you’d have to know more about our past. Sorry if it’s vague.

Later that evening, we had a small get-together with alcohol (my parents’ place is “dry”) and had our pal Chris McDounagh making high-quality cocktails to our guests. It was a big difference in size and attendees. But, it was still pretty darn cool to have these folks. Yes, these anniversaries are about “us.” However, this day allowed everyone to join us at the same time. To us it was about “us” collectively, not just The BCPF and me. We thank all of you that were there that day. But, we also thank all of you that have been with us the entire time. You mean a lot to us.

To Stephanie, I love you immensely and truly, more and more each day. You are the reason I am alive and you are the reason I can do what I do. You are the heartbeat of The Less Desirables, of our marriage and of my existence. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I hope to post about our “Big 4” anniversaries for many more years to come.

Nothing has changed, other than I love her more now.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Forget not the past.” – Lailah Gifty Akita