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I have always talked about how I love superheroes. I love DC and Marvel and some outlying characters. I have to say that I have always been more partial to DC’s heroes. I was a huge fan of Super Friends and all its incarnations. That, of course, was the television version of Justice League.


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I subscribe to DC Universe, which I talked about before, as well. I’m finding a lot to see on there and the Young Justice series has been awesome. It is basically all of the DC Universe thrown together and focuses on a lot of the Outsiders and Young Justice characters. It started in 2010 and a second season happened in 2013. This was on Cartoon Network and just this year seasons three and four are on the DC Universe app.

I’m loving that in the second season there was a Native American who wears an orange headband and has long black hair and has the ability to create a large, man-like, astral being which alludes to the character Apache Chief from Super Friends. There is an Asian girl who wears green and can control energy flow. She alludes to Samurai from Super Friends. An African American kid who wears blue and black and controls electricity, just like Black Vulcan from Super Friends. Lastly, there is a Mexican (his family is Mexican, I’m not being racist) boy who is named Eduardo Dorado, Jr. who has the ability to teleport just like El Dorado from, you guessed it, Super Friends (albeit the later versions). None of these kids were actually named any of those things, but it’s really right there in your face. I love it.

I just started season three and it’s a lot of great stuff. I don’t like some of the voice actors doing the characters. Their voices for the characters, not the actors themselves. But, the storylines are great. I’m loving this app.

You should check it out. I am not compensated at all for this, I just dig it and I pay for it.

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“Despite its title, it is not a direct adaptation of Peter David, Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck’s Young Justice comic series, but rather an adaptation of the entire DC Universe with a focus on young superheroes.” – Wikipedia