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Tonight, at Rizzo’s in Clemmons, the Friday Night Music Club is putting on their September gig. It’s a triple-billed shindig with Huey Lewis & The News, J Geils Band and Rick Springfield!

No, Huey Lewis, Peter Wolf nor Rick Springfield are actually going to be there.FNMC

Friday Night Music Club is the brainchild of Doug Davis (yes, that Doug Davis) and offers shows to raise money for local organizations and charities. This month it’s all about Authoring Action. Find out more about them at their website. But, the shows are basically tributes to genres, bands, years, and sometimes a “rock lottery” that is bands made up of people who put their names into a hat for a specific instrument or vocal.

Tonight, it’s three bands doing the aforementioned artists. Tonight is also Clay Howard’s birthday (who is playing the part of Rick Springfield because, well, of course). I’m playing the part of Springfield’s bass player. You should come out and see it. There is a cover of $5 but it all goes to Authoring Action.

Rizzo’s is at 6353 Cephis Dr. in Clemmons.

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