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Continuing the fifth-year memories of our glorious time in Edinburgh, we spent our first night in the Dalmahoy, a 300-year old castle that sits on two 18-hole golf courses and has one of the stillest and quietest elevators lifts I’ve ever been on. Whilst waiting on our room to be ready, we had haggis and blood pudding for the first time, sat out and watched the first and 18th holes of one or both courses, and wandered about the beautiful grounds.

We got to take a nap and rejuvenate a little whilst the Tottenham football match was on the television. When we woke up and went down to grab a car to take us into Edinburgh, we came around the corner and the hotel attendant was singing along to a song on the radio. The song playing was from Belle & Sebastian which is one of The BCPF’s favorite bands and I dig the heck out of them, too. B&S are from Glasgow, which is only about 30 minutes away from Edinburgh. We mentioned that we loved them and she looked at us in that cheeky UK way and said, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

So, here’s the song she was listening to. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Let me step out of my shell that’s wrapped in sheets of milky winter disorder. Let me feel the air again, the talk of friends; the mind of someone my equal.” – “I Want the World to Stop” (Murdoch/Jackson/Martin/Colburn/Geddes/Cooke/Kildea)