Today is the 29th anniversary of one of my favorite albums of the nineties and one of my favorites ever, Empire from Queensryche. This was long before they completely derailed (not in talent but in humanity) and before Chris DeGarmo left. A lot of great songs came from this album and this is one of them. I picked this cover because it looked like a lot of Matt Pinfields in a band together. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Whenever I’m alone I’m thinking there’s a part missing from my life; wonder where I’d be without your love holding me together, now. I’m watching the time tick, tick away. Face grows longer every day. Fortunes are lost on the women I’ve seen but without you. I can’t breathe, you’re the air to me! Waited so long I can’t wait another day without you?” – “Jet City Woman” (DeGarmo/Tate)