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I Mondayed in my pants this morning. Actually, it was last night, but whatever. Last night when The BCPF and I were cooking dinner, we had gotten to the end of a side on a record and it was quiet for a minute. I asked her if she heard what sounded like a waterfall. She said she could.


Looks like a tunnel on a ride in Walt Disney World

It was funny that one of the things we were talking about was getting the AC serviced. I looked into the closet where the AC unit is and noticed there was water in the closet floor. So, it was time to do something. We’d get to that.

This morning I was walking into our downstairs bathroom and one of our floor tiles squished. I was like what was that!? I stepped back on it again. I could see water coming from under the tile. We had to call the HVAC folk immediately. They came and the exhaust trap pipe was clogged. So that was creating a backup. They blew it out and we figured that was the end of that.

The technician went out to write up the invoice and as I was sitting in the kitchen texting The BCPF what was going on, I noticed I was still hearing the waterfall sound. I went out and told the tech that I still heard the water. He had no clue what I was talking about so he came back in and listened. At first, he didn’t hear it. I have “musician’s ear” which means I spent a lot of time in front of amplifiers so my hearing is pretty much screwed. But, for some reason, I can always hear running water.

He took the vent cover off (it’s a 2.5’x2.5′ or bigger) grill and then he took out the filter out. 20x20x1. It was filthy and I knew it would be. He looked in the hole and saw nothing but darkness. He got his flashlight and that’s when it happened. Inside this hole was standing water. We couldn’t tell how much water. He got authorized to remove the water and brought in his “Shop-Vac.” It was a little, itty-bitty thing with a 2.5-gallon tank. So, he turned it on and about 4 seconds later he turned it off. It was full. He dumped the water in the kitchen sink. Then, he was back to the hole again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

We stopped counting around 27 but we think there was more. 27 x 2.5 is 67.5 so we figure we moved over 70 gallons of water out of this vent. SEVENTY GALLONS!!!! That is a shload of water. It was pooled in there. Shimmering. So, it turns out that at least a year of this had been going on and formed this pool. I don’t know how this plastic flex pipe held up. The collector box was soaked as well.

So, tomorrow, I have to get an estimate tomorrow for replacing the flex pipe and that box. I hope it doesn’t mean I have to replace the whole unit. We don’t have that kind of money. At all.

I talked about this on tonight’s episode of The Beer Dads. Listen HERE.

I didn’t get to record The Man Who Ate the Town today. That makes me sad.

So, how was your Monday, Dear Reader?

Until tomorrow, stay dry!
Scorp out!

“Flooding is the costliest and most common cause of property damage…” – Seth Moulton