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In my infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), I forgot to schedule a guest on tonight’s The Less Desirables. So we had a roundtable discussion and Danielle talked about going to The Big What Festival this past weekend. She talked about the fun she had, the people she met, the bands that she saw and the bands that were coming to Bull’s Tavern. 20190814_194006-01

Bethany talked about her daughter moving to Hawaii, new cigars and such.

And I talked about how I will be doing some work with Liz Hronek, aka Miss Fit Boss. I told you last Wednesday of the connection I felt with her about my weight problem. We talked about how to at least try to combat that over the weekend and into this week. Liz is teaching me to believe that I can get to a reasonable goal of under 300lbs and then work on other goals of less weight from that point. But, anyway, she’s awesome to work with. I just wanted to say that again.

You can listen to our episode HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Whether you are the BOSS of a business, the BOSS of your family, or the BOSS of whatever life throws your way…You can also be the BOSS of your BODY, SOUL, & NUTRITION. This is what Miss Fit Boss is all about!” – Miss Fit Boss (Liz Hronek)