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Tonight, on The Less Desirables, we had Allan Younger and several folks from the Small Business Center at Forsyth Tech’s programs in to talk about what they do.Forsyth_SBC_4c

We had ‘Trice Jeffreys from Trice’s Eatz, Annette Nichols – who is starting her business, Too Sweet for Diabetes, Chrissy Klumber who owns Himalayan Hideaway Salt Cave, Aaron Singleton from Aaron Singleton Communications, Cynthia Reavis who does several things but she was there to represent the SBC.

The one that hit me the most, though, was Liz Hronek from Miss Fit Boss. Not that her business was more interesting or anything like that. All the businesses were amazing. But, Liz is a body empowerment coach. Yeah, she’s a personal trainer and all that, but this is living, breathing proof this stuff works. Liz used to be 300 lbs. She’s lost 150 lbs. She looks amazing. She has a great smile and attitude. No, settle down, I wasn’t drooling over her. Yes, she’s beautiful, but not just on the outside.

I talked with her about how I’d love to not be 300+ lbs. She talked with me about believing in myself and not beating myself up about it. Self-worth and understanding my “power” is important. I’m not going to give any more as I want you to hear the whole thing for yourself. Let’s just say that she made me at least feel better about getting started on a better me.

Listen to more about Liz and the other guests’ stories and businesses HERE.

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“The fitness and nutrition can be done but why you’re doing it is what’s important.” – Liz Hronek