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It’s only Tuesday and there are already four podcasts to tell about. There will be two more this week, at least that’s the plan. One for sure and other is probable.

The Man Who Ate the Town has developers of the new Sentinel Commons center talking about the project. Listen to that HERE.

The Beer Dads talk about Tom Cruise. Listen HERE.

Beeswax Vinyl & More features a great conversation about Rumours, the debut Boston album, Bob Seger and The Eagles. Listen HERE.

Apartment 5B talks about a fight that breaks out on a UK cruise ship after a guest shows up dressed as a “clown.” Listen HERE.

I appreciate you giving us a listen!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I don’t want to know the reasons why love keeps right on walking on down the line. I don’t want to stand between you and love. Honey, I just want you to feel fine.” – “I Don’t Want to Know” (Nicks)