Today is the 33rd anniversary of what I call the beginning of “hair metal.” 33 years ago, Poison’s Look What the Cat Dragged In was released. I liked it and I don’t care if you don’t. Great. Don’t listen to it. But, before you completely poopoo on the whole thing, listen, at least, to this cover. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

You know I call you, I call you on the telephone. I’m only hopin’ that you’re home. So I can hear you when you say those words to me and whisper so softly. I’ve gotta hear you, ’cause baby we’ll be at the drive-in, in the old man’s Ford, behind the bushes ‘til I’m screamin’ for more. Down in the basement, lock the cellar door and baby, talk dirty to me!” – “Talk Dirty to Me” (Michaels/DeVille/Dall/Rockett)