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As if I didn’t already have enough to do, I added yet another podcast to my plate, and this one is mine. Well, mine and Clay Howard’s. It’s on The Less Desirables Podcast Network and is called Beeswax Vinyl & More. Beeswax and More Logo Large

When I started The Less Desirables nine and a half years ago, I wanted it to be about movies, music, sports, technology, television, beer and more. Yeah, that’s right, Pop-Culture. TLD has kind of gotten away from a lot of the pop culture aspect. We still talk about music and beer. But, those conversations are more about the guests that we have and not necessarily about music and beer. Beeswax Vinyl & More gives Clay and me the opportunity to talk about music more in-depth.

I like this or I like that isn’t the topic of conversation, here. This isn’t about taste, although there are some elements in that. This is actual conversations about music.  We have certain subjects that we talk about.

One section is called “Leave Me Out of It.”In this segment, we take a certain album, let’s use the example of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and we discuss if you have to leave one song off of it, which would it be? Hard, right? To many people, even people outside of Floyd fans, that’s a darned-near perfect album as it is. So, that is the point here. Something to add depth to the conversation. How about you, Dear Reader, which song would you leave out? Immediately, I think “On the Run.” Obvious, right? Well, hold on. “On the Run” ties together “Breathe” and “Time,” so that can’t go. I wasn’t thinking just because it’s an instrumental either. The one that I would go with is “Any Colour You Like.” Yes, another instrumental but where all the other songs have some tie to its predecessor/successor, “ACYL” is kind of stuck in there. I’d say that one.

How about Rumours or the debut Boston album or the debut album from The Cars? These are what most people would look at as “perfect how they are,” which is why we have the discussion.

Another segment is “You Mean You Like What?” That could be a debate about a band that one of us likes but the other doesn’t. Or, it could just be something we agree on but want to expound on it.

In “Random Grab,” Clay and I both use our Discogs collection (or perhaps a suggestion from the audience) and use the randomizing feature to, you guessed it, randomly pick an album. Then we will listen to them and give a review.

Neither Clay nor I like the phrase “guilty pleasure.” I mean, if I enjoy it, it’s not guilty. It’s just a pleasure. So, in “Yeah, I Said It!” we talk about something we like that others may not, or we may have a profound statement about something. That section has room to wiggle. 

We will talk about the local/regional music scene some because we are both a part of that and have a lot of friends that are, as well. We may have some guests that may or may not be part of the local/regional scene. We may have some record people in to talk about the topics with us. We may talk about some of these subjects every once in a while or we may add more topics to switch in or out. You never know.

So, we recorded the first two episodes last night and will do the next recording session in two weeks. If you’re keeping score, you probably know that The Beer Dads records around two episodes a session so that’s every other week and we will alternate them.

As of now, the only place to listen to this podcast is either on our website or the TLD Network site. But, I’ll be adding them to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and more in the next week or so.

Yesterday, Ray and I also recorded The Man Who Ate the Town podcast and had Will and Latasha Lewis and their son, Cam, in to talk about Cam’s Coffee and a lot of other foodie things.

We also released The Beer Dads’ latest episode, as well.

So, you can hear the brand-spankin’ new Beeswax Vinyl & More podcast HERE.
The latest The Man Who Ate the Town HERE.
And, the latest The Beer Dads HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Yeah, I said it!” – Clay Howard