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I’ve been using a new toothbrush lately, Dear Reader. Big deal! I can hear you saying that and almost hear your eyes actually rolling in your head. But, you know what? It is a big deal.  eb7e375d-f6c8-4ab0-b5da-f56fe5dc42a0

I have used electric toothbrushes for the last 15 years. Actually, I’ve been using the same electric toothbrush for almost that long. I’m surprised it has held up. I have changed the brushes but I think they stopped making my model and finding the replacement brushes has become difficult.

A few months back I saw an advert on TV about this new electric brush called Quip. Yeah yeah, I said to myself. A high-cost electric toothbrush, blah blah blah. Then I saw Facebook ads about it because, as we know, Facebook is the devil and knows everything (thanks Google and cookies – I don’t actually think they’re the devil). So, I looked into it.

Yeah, it’s a little pricy to start with. I spent $45 on the copper metal toothbrush. Let’s give it a try, right? It arrived just a few days later and was in a tube that looked like an adult marital aid. I found that to be funny.

The next morning, I brushed my teeth with it for the first time. MAN!

So, it has a very light but quite powerful vibration to it. It also pulses every 30 seconds so you know when to switch positions in your mouth. So, you have quadrants, top left, bottom left, top right and bottom right. I always start with the upper left doing the front and back and top of the teeth until the first pulse and then I switch to the bottom left. From there to the bottom right and then top right. It feels as if the brushes are partially rubber (kind of like the polisher at the dentist, amirite?), but they really clean the teeth. After the final quadrant is done, it vibrates three times, quickly. Then I usually spit and brush my tongue to get all the gunk off of it.

I am long overdue a trip to the dentist, I’ll admit, but I have to say that my teeth haven’t felt this good in a good bit. They feel clean and my mouth tingles. That could be from the amount of time I brush (that’s two minutes if you didn’t know) but it’s a great brush. So, I am on a three-month rotation where Quip sends me a replacement brush head and battery. That costs $5. So, really a new electric toothbrush every three months for only $5? Yeah, I’ll take that. Even the old electric that I bought was around $20. No brainer.

So, absolutely, I would recommend Quip to you. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a fly-by-night venture. This company is for real and they have a fantastic product and seem to be a fantastic company. If you can afford it, Dear Reader, give it a try. You can get to their website HERE  (below). I wish I had a referral code or something but, as it said, this is an unsolicited post. I’m doing this all on my own. Happy brushing!

(update: I found a referral code, so visit HERE)

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

quip was founded to prove that good design would have a bigger impact on oral health than quick fix [sic] gimmicks.” – Quip