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I have never taken much stock in this whole “Mercury in Retrograde” stuff that people talk about all the danged time. “It doesn’t affect me,” I said to The BCPF probably not a whole week ago. Today is a full immersion into the Mercurial retrograde experience. I lost files that I once thought I had found. The internet in The Lab at Industry Hill kept going out, my Mac is in dire need of repairs and/or replacement (who can afford that?) and the list goes on. But in all that, I did have a burger on the “Summer of Burgers” tour and produced three podcasts.

The Man Who Ate the Town welcomed back Daniel Butner from Carrabba’s to talk about the wine dinner for the next two weeks and other food news. It was a good show. Listen HERE.

On Fan Interference (yeah, it’s on a Monday for now) we had Logan Harvey, a former WFU baseball catcher join TC and Hailey Brooke to talk about his new app to help people find parking at events easier. You can listen HERE.

And, on The Beer Dads, Dad Paul found out he had to cut out caffeine, something that he said he’d give up beer before giving up. We all talk about how getting older forces you to change your habits. You can listen HERE.

So, while the day started off sucking the big one, it wasn’t too bad after all. Then again, the night is still young. Here’s hoping this retrograde thing fades away.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Mercury Retrograde is blamed for sowing complication and confusion in our everyday lives” – The Daily Express