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Yesterday was a good day. The BCPF and I got up “early” and went to breakfast, then we ran to get a replacement battery for her phone and then headed to Underdog Records for some wax delights. We got some good stuff. It seems that the haul was slanted slightly toward The BCPF and that’s how most of it goes. That’s cool with me. “Happy wife” and all that. Here’s the haul:


©Epic Records

  • Drab Majesty – Modern Mirror — 2x45LP meaning they’re played at 45 RPM instead of the usual 33 1/3. Nowhere on that record can I find it conspicuously saying that it is 45. Oh well. Drab Majesty sounds a lot like old Depeche Mode or even New Order in spots. But, it has a modern feel to it as well. I hear songs from this when I was making the commercial for Underdog on TLD this week. It’s in an awesome clear blue vinyl (also available in clear red). New.
  • Versus – On The Ones And Threes — One of the first albums that I bought for The BCPF when we started “talking” was this album on CD. It had just come out and she made a big deal about “Versus is getting back together.” They had been apart for a while and got back together and did this album. It’s a good one. 2xLP. New.
  • Depeche Mode – When Love Is Enough (Early Demos) — She found this in the “Imports” section. It’s not an official release but is an awesome release. To hear the early demos of songs I’ve been listening to for a while was pretty awesome. At times Dave Gahan/Martin Gore sounded like some singer from the 40s on a phonograph or crank record player. Not great production but so fun to listen to. VG++.
  • Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan At Budokan — Seems like in the 70s everyone was doing an “At Budokan” album. This is Dylan’s. I skipped it because I really don’t like Dylan live, especially in this time period. It’s just gonna be some swooping and yelling, I’m sure. But, The BCPF didn’t skip it (I knew she wouldn’t) and here it is. VG++.
  • Various – A Very Special Christmas — This album was a big deal back in 1987 and it is sealed, so I had to get it. The album has been certified quadruple platinum and has raised millions of dollars for the Special Olympics. Like I said, “sealed” so technically it’s “new.”
  • Jeff Tweedy – Together At Last (Loft Acoustic Session I) — This is basically in NM condition and the only reason it wasn’t $20 is that the jacket spine has some damage. Tweedy is the lead singer for Wilco and this is some solo stuff. In fact, it’s considered his first “solo record.” NM.
  • Jeff Tweedy – Warm — This is his second solo record. NM.
  • Michael Jackson – Off The Wall — #68 on the RS List, it’s MJ and Quincy Jones doing their thing in 1979. Features the songs “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and “Rock with You” and a plethora of A-List songwriters including Jackson himself, Rod Temperton, Carole Bayer Sager, David Foster and Sir Paul McCartney among others. VG+.
  • Fleet Foxes – The Electric Lady Session — I generally stay away from 7″ and 10″ singles/45s but it’s Fleet Foxes and my girl love Fleet Foxes so I made sure to get it for her. VG+.
  • John Cougar – John Cougar — The third (technically fourth) album by John Mellencamp and the first that he wasn’t called “Johnny Cougar” and the first on Riva Records. I have to say that the big hit on this album, “I Need a Lover,” annoys me. Really, the only thing that annoys me is that the intro goes on forever, for no reason. The rest of the song is great. And, I have to say, this is probably one of my favorite Mellencamp albums. I loved every song on it and really enjoyed listening. I’m glad I have it. VG++.
  • Graham Nash – Songs For Beginners — I got this for The BCPF. She didn’t even know I had it until we got home. Yay me! VG.
  • Mantovani And His Orchestra – Italia Mia — $1 bin find. You know we scour the $1 bin (as well as the regular bins) to find music from different countries. We’re suckers for that, as I’ve stated ad nauseam. Even though most of the records in the $1 bin aren’t in the most pristine shape, this one didn’t even need to be cleaned. Jonathan doesn’t rate $1 albums but I’m stepping out and saying this is VG+.

Had a great visit at Underdog Records yesterday. Got to talk with Jonathan. Got to be around records, which I absolutely love. Got to talk about a-holes that park incorrectly in the parking lot across the street and how it messes up the symmetry of the rest of the day. Saw a friend whose name I can’t really remember right now, but she was buying records and I love when new collectors come and browse. Just a good day. Then the Cobras had a game and won 72-0 and Ma ‘Rents, and Aunt and Uncle and My Sis and Bro-in-Law got to hear me in action. Great day all around. Oh, listen to the newest The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special of the week.

I also use Discogs to track my collection. I am not ashamed (nor sorry) that I held up the “freshly used” section to look at my Discogs to see if I had stuff. This is what I do, dang it! Just kidding-ish.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Well, Shakespeare threw down his pencil. Said, I think I’m gonna start layin’ brick. Too much of this Romeo stuff enough to make anybody sick. ‘To be or not to be,’ I mean, what’s that supposed to mean? I’m changin’ my image tomorrow. Be a groupie, make the scene.” – “Pray for Me” (Mellencamp/Bec Var)