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After a long weekend with The BCPF, I had to get back to the grind today, as did she. Yeah, we’re gross, I get it. We just enjoy each other, what can we say?

Ray and I took the show on the road today, the first time The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast has done a remote podcast. And, what better place for us to do that than Yamas Mediterranean Street Food? We had a great time at Yamas talking with Jason and Mia.

Then, The Beer Dads had a recording tonight, although the episode that dropped this evening isn’t that one. This one talks about our recent Carolina Cobras game. Well, theirs, actually, I was working the game, running my mouth. But, it’s a great conversation.

Listen to the delicious episode of TMWATT HERE.

Listen to the hard-hitting episode of TBD HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out~

YAMAS — means ‘cheers to good health’. So raise a bowl (or pita) to modern Mediterranean with a twist; to vegetarian + vegan-friendly options, to ancient grains and a profusion of spices, and to fresh + vibrant toppings!” – Yamas