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Today is the anniversary of several albums, good ones, but this one I picked just because it hit me hard when I was a kid. I had just moved to WSNC (two weeks in) when QRIII from Quiet Riot came out. I was a big fan of the band’s previous two albums, Metal Health and Condition Critical. I understand this didn’t have the same impact on most people and it really didn’t for me, but this one song, being one to have just gotten MTV two weeks prior, I loved this. I love hard rock with keyboards and this was there in abundance. I didn’t even bother looking for a cover as the video rocked my socks. I always loved Rudy Sarzo, but he was gone at this point and Chuck Wright was in. So, happy 33rd-anniversary QRIII. Enjoy!!

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“The wild and the young. They all have their dreams. The wild and the young. They’ve got to be free. The sun never sets for souls on the run. The wild and the young.” – “The Wild and the Young” (Dubrow/Cavazo/Wright/Banali/Proffer)