The day before a Thursday holiday is a boon for business, usually, for bars and restaurants because most people don’t have to work the next day. That is one reason to give Danielle the night off. 20190703_150915-01

Bethany, other than going to Nicaragua, which was mostly a business trip, doesn’t get many nights off and she doesn’t miss TLD for, really, anything. A relaxing night off is just one reason to give her the night off.

Finding guests the day before a major holiday is a daunting and most likely impractical task. And, I don’t get days or nights off (heck I worked this morning already) usually, so that’s just one reason to give me the night off.

Needless to say, all the factors included, it was just a good idea to take the night off. However, I don’t miss weeks for TLD so, I did a short (less than 20 minutes) podcast just wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July!

To, Danielle, Bethany, Bull’s Tavern, Underdog Records, X1 Communications, Machine Gun Graphics, Washington Perk, Finnigan’s Wake, King’s Crab Shack, Willows Bistro and all the businesses in Industry Hill, have a great holiday!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“If you feel like you’re getting into a rut with a song, a night off usually fixes it.” – Levon Helm