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We did a special Fourth of July edition of Apartment 5B today. A5BLogoTestCrop

Other than the music history section, everything was U-S-A all the way.

We talked about a Mental Floss article that was kind of a let down with “facts about July Fourth that you didn’t know.” Most of it… we knew.

We talked about our “Mount Rushmore” of movies that have “America” or “American” in the title. A “Mount Rushmore” is our collective top 4 that should be the pinnacle, or at least as we see it, of the genre/subject we discuss.

Of course, there are throat punches and “F your birthdays” happening. It’s a lot of fun but it is seriously NSFW.

You can listen to the episode HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“America! *#@$ yeah!” – “Team America”