Today is the 51st anniversary of Pink Floyd’s second album A Saucerful of Secrets. I still haven’t gotten it (fully) on vinyl. The Record Store Day version that I got is one of a handful that was pressed with the wrong first side master. So, I have some EDM tune on side one and side two is correct. But, I’ll get it eventually. I figured it would be hard to find a good cover of something on this album but this band out of Egypt, Andromida (Egypt) does a pretty good job. The drummer handles the Richard Wright vocals while doing some Nick Mason stuff. That’s impressive. They spell Andromida with an “i” because they’re Iron Maiden fans as well. I think that’s a silly reason, but it’s not my place to judge, right? Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“Remember a day before today, A day when you were young. Free to play alone with time. Evening never comes. Sing a song that can’t be sung without the morning’s kiss. Queen, you shall be it if you wish. Look for your king. Why can’t we play today? Why can’t we stay that way?” – “Remember a Day” (Wright)