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After a few too many years of being gone from WSNC, Ember Audio + Design is back and tonight was their first PVD night in the new space. PVD means Public Vinyl Demo and it’s basically a listening party.


Ember Audio + Design

I never got to go to any of the ones they did when they were on Trade Street. I say didn’t get to go, but what I mean is, I just never got around to it. I didn’t know what to expect, really.

So, we just sat in on the listening party because we didn’t bring something to be played.  The cool thing about this listening party is that you get to hear your own or other people’s favorite or interesting musical finds on an audio system that chances are you are never going to own. That’s not a bad thing, high-end hi-fi systems are super expensive, sure, but man, there’s something about hearing vinyl (which already sounds better than other media) on a system that probably costs in the 10s of thousands of dollars (I’m guessing here). Deep booming lows. Crisp and clear highs. Lush and rich strings and choirs. It’s like a blanket covering you with aural comfort, warming the cockles of your heart.

But, the store isn’t only about high-end audio equipment. Ember Audio + Design’s Facebook page says they are also: “Modern Furniture and Accessory retailer, featuring work from local and national designers, and audio gear from all over the world. We seek brands that offer the highest performance for the value – companies that have their own design teams in-house, and more often than not, manufacture everything themselves.”

The BCPF and I had a great time listening to this PVD and are already contemplating what we are taking to the next PVD session at the new store.

To Chris and Jamie Livengood, you guys have a great new place and I’m so glad to be part of Industry Hill with you and I look forward to a lot of PVD sessions, too. You should check them out, Dear Reader!! Also, keep an ear out for when Jamie and Chris come on The Less Desirables to talk with us more about the store and give you more info about what Ember Audio + Design is all about!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“In an effort to bring the best sound quality, ease of use, and design elements together, we’ve brought on the very best options at every price point – so, whether you’re just buying your first turntable, or finishing your journey off with the perfect listening chair, we’ve got you covered.” – EMBER Audio + Design.