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The BCPF and I did a little jumbling around yesterday. We actually started at Underdog Records instead of it being the last stop of the morning. We had a ribbon cutting at Moji Coffee and More at noon and then had breakfast at Mary’s Gourmet Diner, our first time there in about six months. But, I had gone by Underdog on Friday to grab some stuff for The BCPF and me before someone else took off with it. Anywhat! Here’s the haul:


©Warner Bros.

  • Bad Books – III — I said on my Instagram post about this album yesterday that one of the joys of having Underdog Records as the official music sponsor of The Less Desirables is making the commercials. It gets me to listen to snippets of new stuff that is highlighted releases. I heard the first song on this and knew right away it is right up The BCPF’s alley so I made sure I picked it up. I was right in thinking she’d love it. The win for me! New.
  • Steve Earle – Guitar Town — #489 on the RS list. I have never really been a fan of his and I think the reason why is “Copperhead Road.” This album is a good album and not a bad listen. I listened to it a few years back now and was surprised that I didn’t hate it. Would I want to listen to it often? Nah. But I was glad to get it in my collection. VG+.
  • Caleb Caudle – Paint Another Layer On My Heart — Caleb is a local dude. He’s been on The Less Desirables and plays around here often. He’s gotten pretty big and does tours. I’m glad to know him. VG++.
  • Band Of Horses – Cease To Begin — One of the ones that I grabbed on Friday because I know how much The BCPF loves Band of Horses. Before we ever started dating, she put a song from this album on a mix-CD for me. It’s a great listen. NM.
  • Band Of Horses – Why Are You Ok — She got not one, but two Band of Horses albums this weekend. She was happy. Both were NM, too.
  • Donald Fagen – The Nightfly — I love Steely Dan and I think most of that is because of Donald Fagen. This had two hits on it but the whole album is fantastic. It seems like he had more fluidity outside of the Steely Dan confines and just had a ball with this album. I told The BCPF, when “New Frontier” came on that I thought the video featured a bomb shelter. So, I looked it up. I was right. This was my favorite listen of the day yesterday. VG+.
  • Elvis Costello And The Attractions – Punch The Clock — Elvis’ eighth studio album. It contains “Everyday I Write the Book” and “Shipbuilding.” VG++.
  • Elvis Costello And The Attractions – Blood & Chocolate — Elvis goes by Napoleon Dynamite (not to be confused with the film, which I loved) on this album. It’s a decent listen. I never realized how creepy “I Want You” is, but I like it anyway. VG++.
  • X – Ain’t Love Grand — First Wave heavy, yet poppy punk. It was a good listen. I hear some of their stuff on SiriusXM sometimes. I like it. Singer Exene Cervenka channels her inner Kate Pearson on this album. VG+.
  • Timbuk 3 – Eden Alley — I never knew the couple had more than their first album and here we are two weeks in a row getting a Timbuk3 album. The BCPF said she had this one when she was a young girl. It’s not epic stuff, or even great for that matter, but it’s a great, fun listen. VG+.
  • U.K. – U.K. — A progressive supergroup with singer/bassist John Wetton (formerly of King Crimson, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry’s band and Uriah Heep), keyboardist/electric violinist Eddie Jobson (formerly of Curved Air, Roxy Music and Frank Zappa’s band), guitarist Allan Holdsworth (formerly of Tempest, Soft Machine, The New Tony Williams Lifetime and Gong) and drummer Bill Bruford (formerly a full member of Yes and King Crimson, and also a tour drummer for Genesis). It is from 1978 but sounds more 80s-ish. Jonathan played if for me in the store. I liked it so I took it! I mean I paid for it, but I bought it. VG-.
  • Shalamar – Heartbreak — The first Shalamar album after Jodi Whatley and Jeffrey Daniel left. It has the only song I know of by the band, “Dancing in the Sheets.” I may find that I know more, but I don’t know. VG+.
  • Various – A Musical Souvenir Of New York City —  Featuring The David Terry Orchestra, The Cherry Hill Songsters, The Travellers Three and The Troubadors. It’s an album of songs about NYC. It’s from 1964 and the picture is of Manhattan but without the WTC since that wasn’t opened until 1973. A $1 bin find. VG/VG+.
  • America – America — This is the 1972 reissue in which “A Horse with No Name” is included. It was originally released as a single after the debut album was released but it was such a success that Warner Bros. reissued it with the song included. $1 bin find. VG.

Was a great day yesterday and the store was jumping. I love seeing Underdog Records busy. If you’ve not listened to the latest episode of The Less Desirables, you should. Each episode we mention the TLD/UR special of the week. I also use Discogs to keep up with my collection so when someone asks, “how many records do you have?” I can blurt out we have XXXX amount and they’re always amazed that I know that. I know that because of Discogs. “Do you have this record?” Why yes. Or, not yet!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“It’s looking like a limb torn off or all together just taken apart. We’re reeling through an endless fall. We are the ever-living ghost of what once was. But no one is ever gonna love you more than I do.” – “No One’s Gonna Love You” (Bridwell/Hampton/Barrett)