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It’s only Wednesday but I’ve had a pretty great week. We recorded a few podcasts, a new podcast, bought some podcast equipment for a client, made a little bit of money. Yep, it’s a great week. tumblr_ol2cnhHwJB1swrrbuo1_1280

I’m going to hold off on The Beer Dads this week and use it next week, but we had a great interview with Daniel Butner of Carrabba’s here in WSNC on The Man Who Ate the Town, had a last-minute guest on The Less Desirables in Dana Moody from West End Coffeehouse. New clients having a ball with their new podcast, a great conversation on the podcast of another client. Those aren’t ready to start yet, either of the last two I mentioned, but they will soon.

All around, it’s just been great.

Listen to The Man Who Ate the Town HERE.
Listen to The Less Desirables HERE.

My Wednesday movie to unwind with after the podcasts is Total Recall (2012). I liked it, actually.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I find it hard in my general life to think further than the week ahead.” – John Oliver