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Since yesterday was Father’s Day, we did our grocery shopping on Saturday after breakfast before running over to Underdog Records before we had to be in Greensboro for a Cobras game Saturday night. So, here’s the haul:


©IRS Records

  • Calexico / Iron & Wine – Years To Burn — The BCPF is a huge fan of both acts and having albums (there have been others) with both on at the same time means ecstasy for her. It came out just this week and is in lime green vinyl. New.
  • Supertramp – Supertramp — This is a reissue of the debut album by Supertramp. They were a little more subdued back then. I am glad to have this in my collection but I like their late-70s/early-80s stuff best. It is also one of two Supertramp albums we got on Saturday. VG+.
  • Dokken – Beast From The East — Live 2xLP set recorded in Japan. I know Dokken is one of those love ’em or hate ’em bands, but I’m really in the middle with them. I like their stuff but I don’t go crazy for it. However, I loved this when I had it on CD. They left off some stuff because it was long from the CD. This will be fun, I think. VG.
  • Cyndi Lauper – True Colors — One of two Cyndi albums I got this weekend. The other was in the $1 bin. We like those 80s pop staples and I felt she was one of those. VG+.
  • Joe Walsh – The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get — 1980 reissue of this album. I like “Rocky Mountain Way” so, let’s do it. VG+.
  • Roy Orbison – Mystery Girl — Roy Orbison was a unique talent both in songwriting and singing technique. He was a great one. This album had a lot of input from Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty as well as a tune from Bono and The Edge. It was completed a mere month before Orbison died at the age of 52. I was 18 when this came out and I thought he was so old. I’m less than four years from being 52. That’s crazy. This is a slight bit warped but plays awesomely and is still VG+.
  • Cheap Trick – Next Position Please — I don’t know how I feel about this album. I like “I Can’t Take It,” but the rest of it is weird to me. I know Todd Rundgren produced it. Jon Brandt is the bass player. I thought he was on only two CT albums but he was on like four, I think. Anywhat. It’s okay. VG+.
  • Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks – Everybody’s Rockin’ — The Shocking Pinks was a band made up just for this album and features a selection of rockabilly songs (both covers and original material). It’s only 25 minutes and is Young’s shortest album. Everybody’s Rockin’ is typical of his 1980s period in that it bears little or no resemblance to the album released before it nor the one released after it. I’m worried about it because I’m hit-or-miss with him. The BCPF wanted it, though.
  • Was (Not Was) – What Up, Dog? — This is a weird and quirky album but it was so fun to listen to. The biggest hits of the band’s career were on this album: “Spy in the House of Love” and “Walk the Dinosaur.” VG+.
  • The Michael Schenker Group – MSG — The former Scorpions and UFO guitarist’s band’s second album. It featured Cozy Powell on drums and Gary Barden on vocals. Stephen Stills of CSN actually did some background vocals. VG++.
  • Don Henley – The End Of The Innocence — Don Henley was part of one of the more polarizing bands ever, The Eagles. I never cared for Glenn Frey’s contributions to vocals, but he was a partner of Henley’s. I don’t care much for Frey’s solo stuff, but I really like Henley, especially this and Building the Perfect Beast. I just love Henley’s vocals. VG+.
  • Timbuk 3 – Greetings From Timbuk 3 — Yeah, their most famous track, “The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades” is on here, but the album has some great spots. “Future” got a little cliche in 1986 but after a while, it got better and the story is funny. I liked listening to this. It was a great listen. VG+.
  • Supertramp – Crisis? What Crisis? — The fourth album overall from Supertramp and the second on this day’s collection. Again, it’s not Breakfast In America but I like it. VG+.
  • Vivaldi- – Max GobermanThe New York Sinfonietta – Three Concertos For Viola D’Amore / Two Concertos For Mandolin — It’s a classical jam. The interesting thing is that the album came out in 1968 and it was still sealed at Underdog. I opened it, but I didn’t look at the vinyl. It’s 51-year-old vinyl in there that hasn’t seen light since 1968. NM.
  • Cyndi Lauper – A Night To Remember — $1 bin find. Second Lauper this list update, too. To my knowledge, the only song on this album that I remember is “I Drove All Night.” I liked the album. VG+.
  • The Babys – Broken Heart  — This was the highlight of my purchase day, even though I didn’t know it until last night. The BCPF was alphabetizing our collection (the first time in almost a year) and it was my turn to pick an album. It was a great listen and if you haven’t listened to it, you absolutely should. Front-to-back, it’s awesome! VG.
  • HaydnThe Prague City Quartet – String Quartets Opus 76, No.4/Opus 20, No.4 — VG+.

Underdog Records is closed on Mondays, but on Tuesday, you should run by and see what used equipment Jonathan has for purchase. Get started in your record collectin’ if you aren’t already one. Then you can join in the madness fun with me! Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear the latest UDR/TLD special for that week. I use Discogs to bring you this list each week and to keep straight what I already own before I make purchases.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

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