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On The Less Desirables Network this week, we’ve talked a lot about local business. Some talk was about the loss of local business and some was about the promotion of small local business. It’s been a touchy few weeks for local business in Winston-Salem. We’ve lost several businesses, some to Business 40’s closure, some for other reasons. The reasons don’t really matter now that they’re gone, as much as the fact that they are gone.

I have been involved in a few conversations in the last bit about how to combat the loss of more. We did that on The Man Who Ate the Town, The Beer Dads and of course, The Less Desirables. Listen to the eps to hear more about small business in WSNC. Click on the link of each.

Folks, support your local businesses, especially those that are downtown.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“Well, every dollar, every single dollar is like a vote. So when you’re leaving your house with your credit cards, your cash, really make a conscious effort to think about where you’re going to spend those dollars. There’s a lot of things that you can buy here in this town that are going to feed a local family.” – Mary Haglund