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Yesterday on The Man Who Ate the Town podcast, Ray and I welcomed Antonina Whaples (rhymes with staples) to the studio. Antonina owns Kindred Spirits is the area’s leader in holistic healing, herbal medicine, herbalism, spiritual products, shamanic practitioners, gemstone healing, Reiki, chakra healing and more.


©Antonina Whaples

No, that has nothing to do with “food.” But, “food” wasn’t the point. We also talked a lot about the recent closings of downtown businesses. Antonina has been vocal and strong in her resolve that local businesses do matter and that’s something that The BCPF and I have been trying to push as well. Antonina talks with Ray and me about this and a lot of things downtown “business.”  I can talk about that here but I don’t think I’d do her justice, plus, I really want you to listen to the episode. She does, too.

You can do that HERE.

Also, go visit her shop. It’s a cool little place.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“Kindred Spirits has been part of the downtown Winston-Salem community since 1994. We believe that every person, regardless of race, gender or spiritual path, is on the shared journey of life. And we exist to provide the provisions that support and enrich that journey. Whether through a healing with one of our practitioners, spiritual guidance with one of our readers, or the spiritual supplies you’ll need along the way, we are committed to supporting our community through the medicine work we provide.” – Kindred Spirits