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Yesterday The BCPF and I got to have a very rare Saturday to ourselves. We were supposed to work the TLD Network booth at Mixxer’s Industry Hill Block Party but that was rained out and I’m so glad I didn’t have to sit or move in that rain. Next year, hopefully, it will be better. I was looking forward to participating, just not dealing with the weather. But, we went to Penny Path and had breakfast and then got to spend time at Underdog Records and came home to a full day’s worth of rekkid listening and enjoyment of each other’s company. Here’s the haul:


©Cleopatra Records

  • Pink Floyd – The Division Bell — The second album after Roger Waters left, it has some great songs on it. A lot of critics panned it as not being Gilmour’s best work and that it was like he phoned it in. I think the album is great and is a fun listen. This is a 2xLP remastered set with the vinyl being an amazing clear deep blue. New.
  • Anton LaVey – Satan Takes A Holiday — Yep, the big evil himself. Ish. It’s definitely him but I think people gave him a bad name because of the “Satanic Church” thing. He no more believed or worshiped the devil than he did God. He didn’t see a need in either. His version of Satanism is basically skeptical atheists. Anyway, you get a vision in your head about how “evil” this guy was supposed to be and yet here he is performing love songs. The best and funniest thing on here, though, has to be “Honolulu Baby” which had The BCPF and me both laughing so hard we were crying. It’s on clear blood red vinyl and only 500 were made. New.
  • Sebadoh – Act Surprised — The BCPF loves Lou Barlow and anything he does. As I mentioned, you can ask her about smelling his hair in Chapel Hill/Carrboro a few years back. This is Sebadoh’s latest album released within the last few weeks. This is the limited edition orange vinyl. New.
  • Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning — Nebraska-based indie rock band mainly consisting of Conor Oberst, a multi-instrumentalist and a couple of other folks and pulling from Omaha’s indie scene. The BCPF loves them and this was a good album. NM.
  • Sleater-Kinney – No Cities To Love — The band’s eighth album and the first after a decade-long hiatus in 2015. Influenced by the riot grrrl movement, they are legends in girl-punk. Again, The BCPF is a fan. NM.
  • The Monkees – Then & Now… The Best Of The Monkees — In 1986, when the Monkees were making some resurgent comeback on MTV and Nick At Night, you could find Monkee-mania happening all over again. I had this album, from Arista records, somehow I just remembered that, on cassette (all of Arista’s stuff came in red cassette cases). I believe, too I may have gotten it from one of the “clubs” either Columbia House or RCA/BMG. This, too, is a club version and it is in VG++.
  • Donovan – 25 Years In Concert — Donovan. We love Donovan. Live and in VG++.
  • Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald Sings Songs From Let No Man Write My Epitaph — We love us some Ella and we were a little bit wary of purchasing this as it is only in Fine condition, but it was still about $5 which means it is probably a rarity or hard to find. Anywhat. We’ll treasure it, for sure. F.
  • Graham Nash – Innocent Eyes — A little reggae-influenced Nash. It was his fourth solo album. VG++.
  • The Rolling Stones – Out Of Our Heads — So, this is on the RS List, but I’ve not yet decided if I’m going to count this as “having it.” It was $1 but it’s pretty beaten up. I know there are skips on it. I’d like to have a better copy and will probably look for it eventually. This is the original British mono pressing. Rating reserved.
  • Gran Orquesta De Profesores Solistas – Honeymoon In Spain — Spanish music. We are suckers for that internationally-flavored music. It was a $1 bin find and is in VG.

It was so nice to have a Saturday back. I love all that I do and how busy it keeps me but sometimes you just need a day off. We got that. I feel good about it. Underdog Records was busy when we were there. A lot of people buying a lot of records. You gotta love that. Listen each week to hear the TLD/UR special. And use Discogs to catalog and track your music collection, no matter what format it’s in.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“I think I should speak now. Why won’t you talk to me? I can’t seem to speak now. You never talk to me. My words won’t come out right. What are you thinking? I feel like I’m drowning. What are you feeling?” – “Keep Talking” (Gilmour/Samson/Wright)