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This week, like last, was altered because of a Cobras game, which we lost, but the worst part was the loss of our star OL because of a dislocated ankle. But, I did get by Underdog Records for a brief visit on Friday. Mainly because my pal, Clay, purchased a record and left it behind the counter. I had to see what it was and that was my visit. Here’s my “haul:”



  • Debbie Gibson – Out Of The Blue — I’m a sucker for bubblegum pop. She was in school the same time I was (she’s a year ahead of me) and she writes her own songs. It was definitely cheesy stuff, but I enjoyed it. Couldn’t pass up this one. VG+.
  • Ray Charles – Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music — #105 on the RS List, I enjoyed it. It’s not really C&W music, but it was “modern sounds” for the time. I had to grab it. VG+.
  • TKO – Let It Roll — This is the album that Clay got for me. It was in the $1 bin but was in fantastic condition. I had never heard of the band, but apparently, Clay had done some backups for the singer of TKO, Brad Sensil on a later solo album. This is from 1979 and was good hard rock. Thanks, Clay!

That was the haul. Because of the passing of Danielle’s father last week, there wasn’t a TLD/UR Special of the Week, but if you listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables, you can hear the special for that week. There’s a lot of cool equipment in there and of course, Jonathan puts out newly acquired used vinyl almost every day. Go by and say hey. Tell him that I sent you! Use Discogs to catalog your collection, be it vinyl, CD or even cassettes.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Oh, can’t you see I’m not fooling nobody? Don’t you see the tears are falling down my face? Since you went away. Break my heart, you slipped away. Didn’t know I was wrong. Never meant to hurt you now you’re gone.” – “Foolish Beat” (Gibson)