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Last night, The BCPF and I finished Cheers (finally). So these spoilers are for a show that ended 27 years ago, so I think we’re safe.



We have been at it for around a year. I don’t know if it is over or under. I’m figuring over. But, while I think the ending was good, the reasons I thought it was good, is even better. First off, they did bring back a major character, Diane for a little closure of that chapter. I loved a line by Woody around 6 episodes from the end, while Cliff, Norm, Woody and Frasier were watching a Godzilla film at a drive-in that was going to close. He said he couldn’t understand why an actress would leave a successful series in the middle. A shot or homage, take your pick, I think a bit of both. Anywhat, Diane came back and then left again. That’s good.

Another reason I liked it is what I wish shows this day would employ as when it ends. They didn’t kill everyone off, they didn’t have them all moving away to places they won’t see each other again (I’m talking to you Friends), they simply had each person walk out of the bar to go home to their lives. Sam walked into the darkness to the pool room, and it was done. You felt like tomorrow, Norm, Cliff, Carla, Woody, Frasier, Paul, Phil and maybe even Rebecca would be right back, even though Becs did get married to Tom Berenger’s plumber character, Don. I just thought it was simple and unassuming. I really liked it.

The other thing to talk about, really quickly, is that KISS’ Dynasy turned 40 today. I’ve told the story about it and me before. Go search that in the search bar above. I’m not going into a lot of detail about it. It was their “disco emergence” and the album that threw a lot of people off the KISS train. I like it a lot but like the follow-up, Unmasked, even better. The transition KISS album turned 40. Wow, I’m getting old.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“And in the night, in the crowd, she’ll be there as she prances by your watch, while your dreams fade away.” – “Magic Touch” (Stanley)