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The last two days were exhausting. No, I didn’t do a lot of exercise or overly-strenuous physical activities. But, when you use your voice like I do, sometimes you wear it out. Just like someone who works at a desk all day, you can get mentally exhausted and of course, physical laborers can get physically exhausted. Well, you can exhaust your vocal cords, too. Ask any singer.


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But, after doing a rare Friday night Cobras game and being up from 630a and working the Winston-Salem Yoga Festival until 4p, talking to people in between and then going to Willows and talking over the Wake/UNCSA graduation parties, that’s a lot. And, I wouldn’t change a thing, other than I would have prepared some warm lemon-ginger tea with honey. But, I didn’t. But, it worked out okay. I can talk today, but my voice is extra low and while not actually hurting in any way, I can feel it flipping me the middle finger. I’ll take care of you better, I promise.

Thanks to Kristen Williams of K10Yoga for letting me run my mouth for the WSYF event!

So, with all that going on, we didn’t get by Underdog Records, but I did go by Friday before going to Greensboro, just to get a couple of things that Jonathan had shown on the social channels. So, I’ll give you those.

  • Triumph – Rock & Roll Machine — The “other” Canadian rock power trio, Triumph. This album is sort of a compilation. Even though originally it was only released in Canada, once the band signed with RCA, they put it out with a few tunes from the first album to acquaint the international audiences with the band. This includes a cover of Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way.” VG++.
  • Randy Travis – Always & Forever — So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I hate most country music and always have. Always have. But, every once in a while something comes along and I just can’t help but like it. The first two, maybe three, Randy Travis albums and the first few Garth Brooks albums and the first Travis Tritt album, those were “guilty pleasures” for me. This was Randy’s second album and during the very late 80s I had a girlfriend in WV and I was living in NC. Every other weekend I would drive up to WV and see her. I would play this and his first album, Storms of Life, and sing my heart out. I saw it on the UR Instagram feed and had to go by and get it. The BCPF is less than thrilled, but hey, I listen to her stuff. She can handle it. VG+.

I don’t know what Underdog’s day was like, I wasn’t in there. I hope it was busy because the weather was great for record shopping. Listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear the TLD/UR special of the week! And, use Discogs to catalog your collection.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m gonna love you forever. Forever and ever, amen. As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men. If you wonder how long I’ll be faithful I’ll be happy to tell you again. I’m gonna love you forever and ever. Forever and ever, amen.” – “Forever and Ever, Amen” (Barnes/Seals)