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Tonight is the only Friday night game for the Carolina Cobras so I’ll be working tonight. So, you should come to watch some good, fast-paced, (usually) high-scoring, 8-on-8 football and cheer your local professional sports team on while supporting your favorite voice-over artist doing his announcing thing. 42629526_2150659531859599_3855123646586552320_n

I already told you about me being at Zesto tomorrow morning around 11a. I am still doing that, but I’m also going to emcee the Winston-Salem Yoga Festival. I just found this out like 20 minutes ago. I had something else that I was going to try and do, but it kind of fell through, and this fell into my lap. It’s from 8a-4p. Yes, you are a sharp one, 11a falls in the middle there. I’m going to leave in the middle do my other thing and then come back afterward to complete the job/mission!

So, to recap, I have Cobras tonight and Yoga Fest/Zesto tomorrow. If I don’t talk you if I see you on Sunday, it’s because my voice is mad at me. I’ll rest it, then! So, come out and see me at any or all of these events!

Cobras – Greensboro Coliseum tonight, game time is at 7p.
WS Yoga Festival is tomorrow from 8a-4p at BB&T Ballpark (the Dash park).
Zesto tomorrow at 11a, 2600 New Walkertown Road.

Hope to see you!

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“For nearly every challenging moment in life, there’s a yoga pose to help you feel better.” – Mandy Ingber