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15 Spicy Honey Chix

Spicy Honey Chicken Sandwich from Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream

I’m going to piggyback a little different today. Yes, I’m going to talk about all five podcasts’ episodes on the TLD Network this week. But also, I want to bring attention to the announcement I made on The Man Who Ate the Town blog today. Zesto is having their first-anniversary celebration this Saturday and they want you to come. So, make sure you read that post. You can do that HERE.

Now, we did all five of the TLD Network shows today. You can listen to them:

The Man Who Ate the Town
The Beer Dads
Apartment 5B
Fan Interference
The Less Desirables

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

Our menu is based on fresh products and over 70 years of passionate cooking for millions of customers.” – Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream