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I had planned on writing about more happier and funnier things today, but with the news coming out of Paris about the Notre Dame Cathedral being gutted by fire has really hit me in the teeth. My stomach has turned since hearing the news.



My mother called and asked if I heard about it and I hadn’t because I was recording. But, once I knew, it was rough.

The BCPF and I have been to Paris twice and I think we are both in agreement that it is our favorite city in the world. Both trips had us visiting Notre Dame several times each trip. It’s at the center of the city so you really can’t escape it.

It’s no secret that I’m not religious. I make sure people know so they know where I stand. However, the first time I went to Paris was April 1, 2013. That happened to be Easter Sunday. After eating, the first thing that we did was visit Notre Dame. It was a very busy day being Easter and we took a tour into the historic cathedral. All the bronze statues, the wood, the architecture, the organ and its hundreds of pipes and much more. The loss of these things can never be brought back, even if the French rebuild.

As of this writing, the bell towers are still standing. Let’s hope they hold on.

The last time we were in Paris, which was 2014, we were instructed by Arturo, our tour guide, to actually step on the Point Zero in front of the church and the superstition for that was that it meant you would come back to Paris. We certainly plan on going back, but it may be a while. I hope this fire is contained and the bones of the building stay standing and that this enables Paris to finish renovations quicker.

I’m leaving it at that.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“The spire ruined in the Notre Dame fire contained artifacts considered sacred to Roman Catholics, including a relic believed to be from Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns.” – NBC News