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We didn’t get to Underdog Records yesterday due to our travels for the KISS concert. It was 3B’s and The BCPF’s first KISS concert and 3B’s first overall. They had smiles on their face all night long but some of that could have come from watching me.

I have seen KISS about 11 times now and I will say this show is in my top 5. There was no evidence of so-called lip syncing that people have talked about with Paul. I heard every crack in his voice in every song and especially during the interspersed banter. You could tell he was having a bit of trouble but he put on a great show. Gene looked like he was my age, not about to drop into 70. Eric and Tommy were great and on it. I do think Tommy was a bit loud but it was great.

3B was most impressed with Eric’s drumming, especially the obligatory solo. And, it was great. I know some people hate drum solos but I love them.

Also, I have very few pics because I purposefully didn’t take them or even pull my phone out once the show started except these few (the pic of the three of us was before the show).

Until tomorrow, recuperating…
Scorp out!

“Baby gets tired, everybody knows. Your mother tells you, baby has to show, yeah, yeah. Let me go. ‘Cause baby’s got the feelin’, baby wants a show. Baby, won’t you tell me? Baby, rock ‘n’ roll, yeah, yeah.” – “Let Me Go, Rock and Roll” (Simmons/Stanley)