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Yeah, I’m taking the easy way out with this post, but I am known for music (sometimes good, sometimes bad), so this isn’t too far off base. Today is the 22nd anniversary of INXS’ Elegantly Wasted album. It wasn’t that great, I know, as a whole, but it had some moments. It was also the last album Michael Hutchens recorded with the band before his tragic passing in November of 1997. Here’s a decent cover of the title track. Enjoy!

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“Look at all that shines. Baby’s down on the world and she knows it. If your spirits running. Why don’t we make it rain like we used to? We run. We hide. We wait and we want the good life. Aw sure, you’re right. This ain’t, the good life. Ah, Elegantly wasted.” – “Elegantly Wasted” (Farriss/Hutchens)