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Last night, 3B and The BCPF and I went to Willows for an event with Chef Terrell Anistead and Ashley Hardesty (from Forsyth Seafood and Market) called The Table Experience.


Chef Travis, 3B, Chef Terrell

Chef Terrell had 3B come back and help them in the kitchen. Chef Jesse got a chef’s jacket from his car and put it on 3B. He then gave him a black bandana which went on the head like a headband. All four of the kitchen folk back there, at least the guys, were part of the Bandana Gang (from Chef T-Money).

Chef Travis came from a PCG board meeting in Charlotte to check in with the crew and he noticed they had it covered. Throughout the night, Chef Travis, Ryan Oberle (the main-most-bar-dude at Willows) and others came out to tell me “your boy is killing it!”

I purposefully sat where I could look into the kitchen because I wanted to see what was going on. Every time I looked in there, he was right in the middle of everything, prepping, plating, expediting. He really was on it and Chef T-Money (that’s Terrell, by the way) agreed. Also working in the kitchen was Chef Niki F who is the EC of Silo Bistro & Bar and who also owns Niki’s Pickles and Lele who is the GM for the Good Vibes Hospitality folks. Everyone was impressed in his abilities and his hard work.

This morning, I got a call from Lele and she asked if he would be interested in working under Niki at Silo. I said I’d ask him and he was all over it. We don’t know what he’ll be doing. It could be washing dishes. It could be prepping. It could be serving. Who knows. But, the point is, the kitchen is a little more laid back than in Willows and this will be a good way for him to get his feet wet. And, he starts tomorrow. I’m proud of him, excited for him, scared for him, all the things a parent should be for him.

He cooks circles around me and I know he’s top-notch in his culinary class so this is a perfect stepping stone for him. He shouldn’t have trouble and he will listen to Niki’s direction and do what he needs to do. That’s my boy. I love him.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle