Today I submitted audition files for about 12 voice jobs. Each, for animation and characters. Supposedly, I got a few of them. I just have to change a few things. But, let me tell you after 30-ish takes with a rasp, whisper, higher registered character voices, accents and more, that take a real toll on your voice. shure_mikrofon_55s

The BCPF got home and I told her I was exhausted. Not physically, but vocally.

I realized when I was coming home from the studio when I tried to sing along to something on the radio, that my voice was raising its proverbial middle finger at me. It wasn’t very happy with me. It wasn’t completely unhappy, but I had really worked it. It will be better tomorrow. That’s a lot of “its.”

I’ll keep you up with any news on what’s going on with the auditions. I don’t know if any of them pay, probably not, but it was more about doing the auditions than anything else. I need to get over not sending them when I am totally capable. We’ll see.

So, I’m bowing out now to continue resting it and finishing watching The Dirt on Netflix.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I love doing voice-over. It’s one of my favorite things.” – Mae Whitman