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Tonight on The Less Desirables, we played a tune from local guys, Suitcase. They are a1051221211_16releasing five songs in serial to make a collection called Don’t Shoot It’s Me. I have always loved these guys and I was excited that they released new music. I really dig Joe, Don and Travis. The first tune released is called “Matter of Time.”

You can hear the song on the podcast, which I certainly hope that you do but you can also hear it on their Bandcamp page. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t send you away from the podcast, but I really want this song heard. You can hear the song HERE and of course, you can hear the podcast HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“Suitcase is a songwriting and performing project out of North Carolina. While piano, bass and percussion form the bones of the group, so much more colors the recordings.” – Bandcamp