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The BCPF and I got a slow start yesterday. We didn’t leave the house until 1130a and mosied around breakfast and getting to Underdog Records. It was a lazy day for us and that’s okay. We like those. Here’s our haul:


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  • Gary Clark Jr. – This Land — I have waited three weeks for this album. There was a snafu in my obtaining it when it came out and then it was sold out and then it was on backorder. But, now, I have it. It’s a fantastic record, too. Clark meshes a whole range of styles in his music. There’s rock, there’s soul, there’s R&B, and there’s blues, there’s hip-hop. I hear some Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Prince, B.B. King, Jesse Johnson (The Time), SRV, and many others in here. Clark is no rookie but I had never heard of him. I thank Danielle Bull for the introduction. He feels it and I loved it. New 2xLP.
  • Thomas Dolby – The Flat Earth — This was a weird album for me. I never heard the “She Blinded Me With Science” Thomas Dolby and that’s okay, I didn’t have to hear that. But, there were times when he was off-key or almost off-key, but I got the feeling all of it was deliberate. And, I’m okay with that, too. “Hyperactive!” was fantastic and the rest of the album was a fun listen. VG+.
  • Tom Tom Club – Close To The Bone — Every song sounds like “Genius of Love” (from their previous album) but I like that song, so that’s okay. The album did sort of drag a bit, but The BCPF wanted and that’s all that matters. VG+.
  • Golden Earring – N.E.W.S. — Also known as North East West South, this is Dutch band Golden Earring’s follow up to Cut which had “Twilight Zone.” This one didn’t do as well. VG+.
  • Eric Burdon And The Animals – The Greatest Hits Of Eric Burdon And The Animals — Another of The BCPF’s selections. I don’t recognize any of the song titles, but that is no indication of the quality of the songs because, heck, there are plenty of songs I don’t know, right? Just go with me here. VG.
  • Loverboy – Keep It Up — I think of this as a “lost” Loverboy album because Get Lucky and Lovin’ Every Minute of It were such powerhouses. This was released between the two. And, while there were three singles released from the album (“Strike Zone,” “Hot Girls in Love,” “Queen of the Broken Hearts”) none of them stand out to me. I know some go crazy over “Hot Girls in Love” but it’s just meh to me, but I’m hoping that in the context of a full album, I’ll find a greater appreciation.  VG+.
  • Peter, Paul And Mary – Peter, Paul And Mommy — The trio’s first children’s album. It contains hits like “Puff the Magic Dragon” among others. The single, “Day is Done”, reached number 7 on the Easy Listening chart and number 21 on the Pop Singles chart. Anytime you see PP&M albums, you can almost always be assured that it was The BCPF’s doing. Although Ma Mère liked them a lot, I can only handle them in small bursts. VG++.
  • Ella Fitzgerald – Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Gershwin Song Book Vol. 1 — One of The BCPF’s faves, you can rest assured it was her picking this out, although, I will say, I showed it to her to approve. VG-.
  • Neil Diamond – Classics The Early Years — Just like it says, early Neil Diamond. VG+.

Being as Jonathan has been sick he’s been behind on his Curated by Underdog series. I get it and would rather him catch up for other folks than me. I’ll be around and mine is more an experiment for me and I guess him. I do look forward to whatever he pulls for me, though. You should check into it, as well. You don’t have to live here to participate. He can ship you his selections. Check it out on the website. Also, listen to each new episode of The Less Desirables to hear what the TLD/UR special of the week is. And Record Store Day is April 13, go to their website to find out what’s coming.

Also, as one of our private group started doing this week, the daunting task of putting his collection in Discogs, he’ll find that having that is a big help and you can make purchases from their Marketplace. I have grown to depend on it. Good stuff.

Until tomorrow, keep spinning…
Scorp out!

“She’s turnin’ on the heat. She’s got the magic touch. She’s turnin’ on the heat. And it’s a little too much. She’s turnin’ on the heat. And it’s a hundred above yeah. Hot girls in love. I’m in love.” – “Hot Girls in Love” (Dean/Fairbairn)