Y’all! Yesterday I told about the Maximum Beeman thing and the video shoot, right? Well, today is truly the Maximum Beeman because Stephanie, The BCPF to you all, is celebrating her birthday today!!! She is the reason I’m alive, she is the reason I still breathe and she is the love of my life. 13263825_10208391649223307_3852685463805824025_n

I think her mom and dad must have been artists because she is one fantastic piece of art, my girl. She doesn’t even know how awesome she is, either. Even though she is my little introvert, when we are out, she pops into “temporary extro-mode” and kicks arse in front of the scenes. She doesn’t really like to do that, though. She is more like the stage director of a play. It all happens because she wills it but it’s the actors (usually me) that make the “scene.” She takes none of the credit, but I make sure to give it as much as I can.

I love this woman more than anything (other than 3B, that’s different) and I know she loves me. She never fails to let that show. I may joke around and say she watches me like a hawk, but, referring to my opening statements. I’m alive because of her. She is it! She is my love. She is my travel partner, business partner, life partner.

From our “board meetings” on Sunday mornings before getting up, to our rekkids days and Willows nights on Saturdays to counting down the days before we get to do all that over again… She is it!!!

I love you, Stephanie. I hope this birthday is the greatest yet and that next year is even greater. I love celebrating it with you. In another 44 years we’ll be having Hov-a-Round races around the rest home!

Until tomorrow, today is her day…
Tim out!

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” –  Oprah Winfrey