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I have a couple of things to talk about, Dear Reader, but it’s late, because I’ve been working and The BCPF and I went to dinner and then watched a few episodes of Cheers, I’m going to pass on that for tonight.



That’s what I can talk about.

As much as we both love this show and laugh ourselves silly whilst watching it, it seems like it will never end. We’re both torn with that, too. We want to move on to another show but we won’t until this one is done. We only have about a three-hour window on Friday evenings to watch something and with 11 seasons at around 25 episodes each season, it has taken us almost a year to watch this.

The BCPF is only able to stay away for about 5-6 episodes at a time, so again, it takes a while to get them in. We are really ready to move on, but we have to ride this out ’til the end.

What is your current binge? Do you binge more recent shows or the older ones like a Cheers, M*A*S*H or Frasier? I’d be interested to know, really.

Okay, until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I am forever grateful for ‘Cheers.'” – Ted Danson