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So, 3B and I have been watching this Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy. We love things with superheroes, James Bondish and scenarios like it.

I won’t say it’s great, and it has gone through some slow periods but we’re getting ready to start episode #8 (out of 10), the next time we watch something and things are starting to ramp up.

I used to own a comic book store and I don’t remember anything about The Umbrella Academy. I think it came about just as I was getting out of that business.

The premise is there are 43 children born “Immaculate Conception” style and this rich dude, Sir Reginald Hargreeves that “buys” seven of them and trains them into superheroes or superhumans, at least. Well, all but one, Vanya “Number Seven” (played by Ellen Page) who seemingly is powerless.

There is “Number One” known as Luther Hargreeves, who is super strong and built like an ape. “Number Two” is Diego Hargreeves who is known as The Kraken has enhanced breath-holding abilities and the ability to curve the trajectory of anything he throws, usually knives.

“Number Three” is Allison Hargreeves or The Rumor, a celebrity with the ability to manipulate reality by lying with the phrase “I heard a rumor…”

Klaus Hargreeves is “Number Four” or The Séance, a flamboyant drug addict with the ability to communicate with the dead. Speaking of the dead he frequently talks with “Number Six” his brother Ben or The Horror who died somehow – we’ve not gotten to how, yet – and who sometimes helps Klaus in situations.

“Number Five” is just that, Number Five and he has this time traveling thing. He traveled through time to get away from the Sir to find out that the world ends. He ends up working with ‘The Commission” who monitors the time/space continuum and sends agents to make sure everything stays the way they should. He does a lot of killing and stuff. He breaks rank and goes AWOL. Therein, The Commission sends Hazel and Cha-Cha (Mary J. Blige) to find and kill Five.

There’s a lot more to it than this, but Five is back to try and get the Umbrella Academy back together to stop the apocalypse from happening. Do they save the world? I don’t know. I’m not there yet. But, will know soon. I’m not going to tell you, anyway, that would be a spoiler and I don’t like spoilers and I don’t like being one. So there.

I just wanted to tell you what 3B and I have been doing. We also made a delicious cheesesteak-style sloppy joe, tonight. That was really, really good.

Anywhat! I’m done for today.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“A disbanded group of superheroes reunites after their adoptive father, who trained them to save the world, dies.” – IMDb