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I didn’t talk about Apartment 5B last night, even though we had recorded it yesterday. I apologize to Jeff, Rory and you, Dear Reader for keeping that from you. Today, on Fan Interference, Ty and Hailey Brooke interviewed former WFU and current Carolina Panthers LB, Brandon Chubb about his college and pro careers and the Chubb Foundation. cobras-logo

Then on The Less Desirables, we had Nike Roach in the studio to talk about his Facebook Live series and our usual cut-uppery. I just made that word up.

But, you will remember that a month or so ago I mentioned something about a “big announcement” that I was going to make when the time was right? Well, the time is now. But, I’m not going to tell you right now. That’s the rub. To find out right now, you have to go listen to this week’s episode of The Less Desirables. You can do that HERE. I will warn you, the announcement is at the end of the show, I ask that you listen to the whole episode as I think the conversation with Nike (pronounced Nee-Kay) is good, and the song of the week is cool, too. So, yeah, I’d appreciate if you listened through.

To hear Apartment 5B click HERE.
To hear the Brandon Chubb interview, click HERE.

Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
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“I was content playing Arena football. If a better opportunity hadn’t come along, they would’ve had to throw me out of the league to get rid of me.” – Kurt Warner