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So last week was my “busy” week. You’d think I would be more scattered during that time, right? Well, I wasn’t, I was laser focused. I think being busy really keeps me focused. 19e412aac5f0c09a48aad586329946bec3dcfb20cb7acd0a8e03b3c929bfe9b3

This week, however, started off unfocused. I couldn’t get my stuff in a row. I couldn’t get the schedule made for The Man Who Ate the Town. I did get a Skype interview done for Fan Interference and I did a Skype interview with a guest for this week’s The Less Desirables.

But, I ran off and didn’t load this week’s The Beer Dads or The Man Who Ate the Town podcasts onto their respective servers. That means I can’t post either one of them until tomorrow. Which I will, but man… It’s just been weird today.

Also, I’m going to admit it, that I am writing this at 12:45a on Tuesday morning even though it’s for Monday. I just can’t get it together. I think some sleep will help. That’s where I’m going. I’ll have the posts for you tomorrow!


Until tomorrow, same blog channel…
Scorp out!

“I’m kind of scatterbrain and all over the place at times.” – Johanna Braddy